REZILLOS / PIZZATRAMP / FATAL BLOW: Live @ Jacs Aberdare (14/02/20)

The Rezillos bring a crowd from all over South Wales and beyond to Aberdare’s Jacs live music venue.

On a cold, wet, Valentine’s night, there is a warm welcome in the valleys for punks old and new. Jacs is a pub in the back streets Aberdare. Not content with having a stage in the back room for ‘fabulous vocalists’, and ‘sensational singers’, a lot of time and effort- not to mention money – has been put into making this a proper live music venue any city would be proud to have.

You can count on one hand the number of venues in the valleys trying to do what Jacs is trying to do – bring quality music to the valleys.  But facilities wise, Jacs has them all beaten, hands down. (And I’m not saying this just because the studio for Dapper Fm is out the back).

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